Online branding for my men's league hockey team's Instagram page.

This passion project mixes two of my biggest interests, hockey and graphic design, to create a fully-fledge social media branding for the adult hockey team which I manage and play for.

The graphics are rebranded for every season, giving each one a distinct visual identity. These include graphics for game days, the Player of the Month, special events, milestones and announcements, and statistical recaps. For the most part, these graphics also make use of Instagram's built-in carousel feature, allowing for wide graphics packed with information.

WINTER 2021-22

The 2021-22 winter season was the first year that I started this project. Based off our jerseys, the main gameday graphics are heavily beige with accents of blue and green. I used a stylized wave texture to tie together the look of the templated graphics, while one-off graphics for special events (such as the playoff advancement graphic below) are more free to stand out creatively.

Summer 2022

For the 2022 summer season, I once again took inspiration from our jerseys to guide the look. This time, we had just received brand-new blue jerseys, so the heavy use of blue reflected this. Furthermore, the use of a script font helps convey a more casual, summer-y look befitting of the summer season.

Tools used